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St. Tikhon Orthodox University commemorates 1000 years of the repose of St. Vladimir, the Enlightener of Rus
On Sunday 26th July the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Kirill, is going to attend the consecration of our new university Church, dedicated to St. Vladimir, the Enlightener of Rus: in 2015 the Russian Orthodox Church commemorates 1000 years of his repose.

The Church is located in the historical Diocesan Palace of Moscow, where in 1917-1918 took place the All-Russian Church Council that restored the Patriarchate through the election of S. Tikhon. Struggles aiming at the restitution of the Palace to the Church lasted more than ten years. It was given back to Church only in 2004, thanks to the joint effort of the Patriarchate and of St. Tikhon’s Orthodox University, whose central corpus will be housed by the Palace once restructured.

The consecration of the Church of St. Vladimir is an important step for our University that in 2006 started the restoration works on the building, and we are glad to share this joy with all our friends around the world.

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