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Сведения об образовательной организации Во исполнение постановления Правительства РФ № 582 от 10 июля 2013 года, Приказа Федеральной службы по надзору в сфере образования и науки от 29 мая 2014 г. № 785

University news
Moscow hosts a series of lectures by Professor Marco Bersanelli of the University of Milan (Italy).

Marco Bersanelli, a well-known Italian astrophysicist, as well as a professor and the Director of the Doctoral School in Physics,
Astrophysics and Applied Physics at the University of Milan, and the author of more than three hundred scientific publications, was hosted by our University from the 24th to 26th of September 2015.

On the 24th of September, Prof. Marco Bersanelli opened his series of presentations with the lecture “The origin and creation of the Universe in the Big Bang” at PTSGU. All participants in the lecture listened to it with great attention, and after an hour’s discussion the lecturer gave detailed answers to numerous questions from the audience. On the 25th of September, Prof. Marco Bersanelli gave a lecture for the Faculty of Physics at the Lomonosov Moscow State University.

On the 26th of September, our guest Prof. Marco Bersanelli gave another lecture at PTSGU, this time dedicated to contemporary education issues, which brought together the students and teachers of the Faculty of Education in the main conference hall.

Prof. Marco Bersanelli’s three-day marathon of lectures brought great benefits to its attendees, such as acquaintance with the latest achievements of modern cosmology, astrophysics, and pedagogy. It also served to strengthen long-standing relationships between PTSGU and European academic circles.

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