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Article by Saint Tikhons student published in proceedings of international conference
An article by a student of Saint Tikhons University was among the selected papers published in the proceedings of the international conference on the Typology of Morphosyntactic Parameters, held at Moscow State Pedagogical University in 2016. The article by Daria Vyacheslavovna Dyachenko, a fourth-year student at Saint Tikhons specializing in the teaching of foreign languages, is about Russian and Ukrainian Loanwords in the Dialect of the Village of Gammalsvenskby (Nouns).

The article represents the first attempt to make a list of Russian and Ukrainian loanwords for this modern dialect of Swedish. The list comprises approximately 100 words; it is the first occasion on which their morphology and phonetic characteristics have been documented.

Ms. Dyachenkos work studying the dialect goes on. At present she is focused on examining grammatical and lexical processes in relation to the borrowing of words. This area of interest ought to yield many new discoveries in both the study of Germanic languages and linguistics in general, as well as providing important material for further research, since the Gammalsvenskby (Staroschvedskoe/Alt-Schwedendorf) dialect has always been surrounded by other languages (Estonian, German, standard Swedish, Russian and Ukrainian) and could not but have interacted with them. Ms. Dyachenkos work was carried out in the context of the ongoing project entitled The Dialect of Gammalsvenskby Village: Studying its Vocabulary and Compiling an Electronic Dictionary. The project is subsidized by the Development Fund of Saint Tikhons University.

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