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Meeting of the Russo-Georgian Society of Saint Tikhon’s University in memory of Elder Gabriel Urghebadze
On January 31, 2017, the Russo-Georgian Society of Saint Tikhon’s University held one of its regular meetings. It was the first of its sessions to take place in the Conciliar Chamber of the famous former Eparchy House, now the main building of Saint Tikhon’s. In 1917-1918, the building hosted the Local Council of the Russian Orthodox Church. As was the case with the previous sessions, the Rector of the University, Archpriest Vladimir (Vorobyov), gave his blessing to the Department of International Relations to prepare the meeting together with the Center for Spiritual Education. The evening was dedicated to the memory of our Father among the Saints, the Venerable Elder and Confessor Gabriel (Urghebadze) of Georgia.

By the beginning of the event, the massive hall of the Conciliar Chamber was packed with over 600 attendees. After the opening prayers and introductory speech by Father Vladimir, the head of the Center for Spiritual Education, Archpriest Lev Semyonov, gave the floor to Archpriest Fyodor Krechetov, the rector of the Church of the Holy Great-martyr George the Victory-bearer “of the Georgians” (v Gruzinakh).

The audience members then watched the moving film The Elder’s Diadem with great attention. The film was created by people with much-treasured recollections of remarkable moments shared with the holy elder. After the end of the viewing – which was one of the first in Moscow –, Konstantin Tertsvadze, the scriptwriter of the film, presented the book “I’ll be waiting for you in Samtavro” by the nun Evfimia (Mshvenieradze), which he translated into Russian and which was published by Saint Tikhon’s University.

The evening came to a close with a performance by the choir of the Church of the Holy Great-martyr George the Victory-bearer “of the Georgians”, conducted by Tamara Siroezhina.
Over the course of the evening, an atmosphere of lively interest and reverent attention prevailed among the attendees, who lingered for a long time afterwards engaged in friendly conversation before finally dispersing.

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