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Second year for Saint Tikhons student ball
On February 19, with the blessing of the Rector of the university, Archpriest Vladimir Vorobyov, the second Student Ball of Saint Tikhons University, took place in the Izmailovsk Kremlin. The ball was dedicated to the bicentenary of the birth of the great Russian poet, author, and playwright, Count Alexis Constantinovitch Tolstoy. It was entitled Amidst the noisy ball, it happened, from a poem by the Count, who was one of the most talented members of the 19th-century Russian intelligentsia. He has gone down in the history of Russian literature as having perpetuated some traditions of writing historical dramas.

 Students from various faculties of Saint Tikhons University, Moscow seminaries and spiritual academies, Moscow State University (MGU), and other universities in the Capital, all came to take part in the ball. The object of the event was to recreate the atmosphere of the early 19th century and to draw attention to the culture and history of the society of that time. The program included dances, performances, and games, and also a light meal and various charitable stalls.

Father Philipp Ilyashenko, the head of the Department of Student Welfare, opened the ball. His speech called to mind certain facts from the life of Count Alexis Constantinovitch Tolstoy and expressed his wish that all those in attendance might get a feel for this era and a sense of its beauty and nobility. Vladimir Pavlovitch Solovyov, Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology and Computing at Saint Tikhons, also gave a salutatory address.

 The ball consisted of two separate areas, each of which was the site of a wide variety of historical dances. According to an already-established tradition of the ball, musical accompaniment was provided by an ensemble directed by Alexandra Neronova. Meanwhile, Iulia Nikolaevna Kuznetsova, Professor of Solo Performance in the Faculty of Church Music at Saint Tikhons, performed several romances based on the poetry of Count Alexis Tolstoy, together with instrumental accompaniment.

 The tradition of holding balls for charity became widespread amongst in Russian high society from the mid-19th century onwards. All the guests of the Saint Tikhons Student Ball were also given a chance to pitch in and make their own contribution to a good cause. Specifically, a collection was held to provide treatment for Antonina Ilychina Aimurzaeva, the mother of a Saint Tikhons alumna, who is gravely ill with cancer.

 In traditional fashion, all students turned out to help organize the ball. The Faculty of Teaching (Pedagogy) set up a charitable fair, the Faculty of History ran a lottery for charity, the Faculty of Church Art put together an art stall, and the Faculty of Ancient and Modern Languages (Philological Faculty) put together a photo booth. Over the course of the ball, a buffet, games room, and other forms of entertainment were also kept going, all organized by the students themselves.

Judging by the comments of those who attended, the Ball made a great impression on them and was a night not to be forgotten. We were all immersed in the 19th century, was the enthusiastic remark of Evelina Kasyanova, a student from the Philological Faculty. I was very happy with the ball, remarked Ivan Pavleev from Moscow State University. It was the first time in my life when I was at such a big ball. I wouldnt say I was filled with emotion as this would sound very cliché; rather I would say that I had a new feeling, one of grandiosity but at the same time of goodness. I had a warm welcome and was treated properly like a guest, for which I am very appreciative.

 At the end of the ball, giving voice to a universal feeling of appreciation, the leaders said words of thanks to the organizers: the Welfare Department of Saint Tikhons University and specifically to its head, Father Philipp Ilyashenko; to the Tanetz Vesny (Spring Dance) School of Ballroom Dancing, and specifically to its directors, Natalia Iurievna Danilova and Sergei Anatolievitch Lupkovsky. All the students and guests who were at the party cant wait until the next Saint Tikhons Student Ball!

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