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Japanese Academics Visit Saint Tikhons
On March 3, 2017, a group of academics from Japan visited Saint Tikhons University. The visit came about as part of a project whose purpose is to look into reforms of the system of teacher training and continuing education in Russia and other former Soviet countries. The group consisted of Yukiko Sawano, Professor of Pedagogy at the University of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo; Madoka Inoue, Professor of Religious Studies at Seisen Womens University, Tokyo; and Kuanysh Tastanbekova, a specialist in international research at the University of Tsukuba, Ibaraki. They had the opportunity to meet the Dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy at Saint Tikhons, Tatiana Vladimirovna Sklyarova.
Professor Yukiko Sawanos first visit to Saint Tikhons took place four years ago, in March 2013. During this first visit, arrangements were made to continue the academic collaboration between Japanese and Russian researchers in the area of teacher training.
This second meeting was focused on questions of how to prepare educators to teach the fundamentals of religious studies in schools. Amongst other things, the Japanese researchers were interested in developing teaching materials (textbooks), the methods used to teach the subject entitled Basics of Religious Studies and Secular Ethics, and the role of members of the Faculty of Pedagogy in preparing schoolteachers to teach the aforementioned subject, as well as further educating them in this area. Ms. Sklyarova discussed the preliminary results that she and her colleagues had got out of an academic research project. The project was supported by the Saint Tikhons University Development Fund and entitled: Primary Stage of Orthodox Education: Constructing Content, Textbooks, and Teaching Methods. Other topics covered included the possibility of exchanging data obtained in the process of conducting research and carrying out joint comparative research in the area of teacher training. Prof. Sklyarova invited her Japanese guests to become part of the editorial staff of the journal entitled Saint Tikhons University Bulletin: Pedagogy and Psychology (Vestnik PSTGU: Pedagogika. Psikhologia). Professors Yukiko Sawano and Madoka Inoue affirmed their readiness to work on the periodical as members of the editorial committee. Arrangements were also made to organize visits by Japanese visiting lecturers to speak to undergraduates and graduate students of the Faculty of Pedagogy.

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