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Faculty of Theology conducts annual student conference
On April 1, 2017, on Saturday of the Fifth Week in Lent, an annual conference of undergraduate and post-graduate students of the Faculty of Theology was conducted in Saint Tikhons University as per the established tradition. This year, in addition to representatives of Saint Tikhons, the conference saw participation by visitors from Saint Petersburg Theological Academy, Moscow State University, Saratov State University, and Voronezh Theological Seminary. The conference sessions were preceded by a Divine Liturgy in the Church of Saint Vladimir in the universitys main building, headed by Archpriest Alexis Emelianov, the Dean of the Faculty of Church Music at Saint Tikhons and Professor of Biblical Studies in the Faculty of Theology. After the end of the Liturgy, all conference participants assembled for the plenary session.

The Very Rev. Archpriest Pavel Khondzinsky, Dean of the Faculty of Theology, gave the opening speech to those present. Next, the floor was given to the first presenter, Peter Pashkov, a fourt-year student of ancient languages at Saint Tikhons. He presented on The Church as epic reality in the poetry of Saint Gregory of Nazianzus, analyzing the first part of the holy hierarchs elegy on The Dream of the Church of Anastasia.

Graduate student Alexis Andreev of the Saint Petersburg Theological Academy was next to present, with a paper titled: Did the Nikonian editors correct mistakes? On the 1657 Irmologion. The paper included an analysis of changes made in the text of iromoi over the course of corrections made to books during Nikons patriarchate, as set down in the first printer Iromologion
of 1657.

After this, Sofia Emelianova, a graduate student of Theology at Saint Tikhons, presented her paper on Classical Education in Russia: Antecedents of the 1871 Reforms. In the paper it was mentioned that the worldwide renown of the Russian schools in philological, linguistic, and natural science have their roots in the Gymnasium system. As the main type of secondary school in Russia, Gymnasia were the main bearers of the traditions of Classical education.

The plenary session was concluded with the paper of Saint Tikhons graduate student Leonida Borisova on Sede Vacante and Sedevacantism. It examined the Catholic concept of sede vacante, and also the history and contemporary reality of the religious movement that got its name from it.
Afterwards, two further sessions, on theology and philosophy of religion, were held separately.

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