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Presentation of interim results of Linguistics project
On April 6-7, 2017, Daria Diachenko, who is working to create an electronic dictionary with the support of the Saint Tikhon’s University Development Fund, presented a paper at the Institute of Linguistics of Russian State University of the Humanities with a paper on “The Dialect of Gammalsvenskby Village: Some Results of Studying its Vocabulary”. The academic project “The Dialect of Gammalsvenskby (Staroschvedskoe/Alt-Schwedendorf) Village: Studying its Vocabulary and Compiling an Electronic Dictionary” is being conducted with support from the Saint Tikhon’s University Development Fund and is unique in that it is making a contribution to documenting the only dialect of any Scandinavian language that exists in the former USSR. Having an electronic dictionary on-line Internet would make the information about the dialect widely available and could eventually serve as a foundation for regenerating the language.

 The conference, held at Russian State University of the Humanities, Moscow, was in large part dedicated to minority languages and the process of documenting them, which is why Daria Diachenko’s research was firmly within the remit of the questions being discussed.

 The paper, copies of which were made available to the audience, presented the main results of the Ms. Diachenko’s work describing the Russian and Ukrainian loans in the dialect. The researcher came to the conclusion that the number of loans from Slavic languages that had been subject to some degree of assimilation or integration into the vocabulary of the local dialect, was not as large as one might have expected. There was a great imbalance among the numbers of loanwords belonging to each part of speech: the vast majority were nouns, whereas the other parts of speech only appeared in the form of isolated specimens. The majority of the loans were connected with everyday life: above all, they designated practical objects such as dishes and plants.

 “The work on the academic project has made it possible for me to develop the skills to research an unfamiliar language, and also the priceless experience of presenting in public”, Ms. Diachenko said. “It was important to present the materials as clearly, compactly, and attractively as possible, and ideally the content of the work should be understandable even without additional comments on the part of the author.

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