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Paper on Saint Tikhon’s University building featured at international conference

On April 21-23, 2017, Adriana Voronova, Candidate in Art History and the Head of the Department of History and Theory of Christian Arts, and Subdean for Academic Work of the Faculty of Christian Arts, participated in the conference “The Architecture of Local Borderland Cultures”.

The Third International Conference, entitled “The Architecture of Local Borderland Cultures. Sacrum, profanum, sacrum. Conversions and reconversions of the sacred architecture and art of the 20th and 21st centuries”, took place from April 21-23, 2017 in several locations, namely, Warsaw, Białystok, and Suprasl Monastery of the Annunciation. The forum was organized by Białystok Polytechnic University in conjunction with the Polish Union of Architects, in the context of the international program “Spiritual Places”.

The main organizer of the event was Prof. Ezhi Ustinovitch, a famous Polish architect and scholar, a member of the editorial board of the “Saint Tikhon’s University Gazette” (Vestnik PSTGU), and a regular participant in the annual Conference on Theology at Saint Tikhon’s University. It was at his personal invitation that Adriana Voronova came to present a paper at the academic summit.

The main topic of the conference was changes to the use of objects of religious significance. Growing secularization in life is accompanied by an increasing lack of acceptance of religion as a source of values in the humanities and culture.

Within the remit of the topic proposed by the organizers of the event, on the destruction of sacred architecture in Soviet Russia, Ms. Voronova gave an in-depth talk about the history of the creation and reconstruction of the main building of Saint Tikhon’s University in Likhov Lane, historically the Moscow Eparchy House.

The dramatic events that occurred in connection with the building are an example of the regeneration of a church building after it had been architecturally distorted and used for non-religious purposes over the course of many years.

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