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Lectures on sectarian studies in Spain
   From April 21-23, 2017, Prof. Alexander Dvorkin conducted a series of three lectures in the Orthodox Cultural Center of the Archangel Michael in the city of Altea, Spain.

  The Church of the Archangel Michael, dedicated in 2007, belongs to Korsun Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church and is the first Russian Orthodox church in Spain constructed in Russian architectural style. The multinational Orthodox community in Altea, led by the rector of the church, are attempting to create a center of missionary activity within the walls of the church. The lecture series by Saint Tikhon’s University Professor Alexander Dvorkin was the first in a whole set of visiting lectures.

 The lectures were dedicated to the history of the appearance of sectarianism and the warning signs of contemporary totalitarian sects. At the request of those in attendance, the lecturer paid close attention to the largest and most influential of them today: Jehovah’s Witnesses, Scientology, and Penecostals. The separation between the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches was also discussed, which Alexander Dvorkin assessed as a gradual, protracted process rather than a single historical event.

The clergy and parishioners of the Russian Orthodox Churches of Altea, Benidorm, Valencia, Murcia, and Denia were present at the event. Each talk raised a large number of questions on the part of the audience members, and the end of the event was dedicated to answering them.

Prof. Dvorkin stated emphatically: “It is of the utmost importance that news centers for studying Orthodox culture and theology are appearing abroad and finding ways to collaborate with Saint Tikhon’s University. Our academic contacts with courses in religious education in Hamburg, Brussels, and Cyprus have already been developing for many years. Now a new center of missionary activity has appeared in the Christian world. I hope that it will long be continued,” Prof. Alexander Dvorkin emphasized.





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