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Saint Tikhon’s student takes part in Narva conference
On April 20-21, 2017, Maria Kusakina, a third-year student of the Department of Germanic Philology, took part in the seventeenth annual International Student Conference that was held in Navra College of Tartu University, Estonia, in the Johan Skytte Institute of Polytechnic Research.

Maria Kusakina presented an overview of her work titled “Epithet as a Means of Expression in the English-language Sermons of Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh”. The research includes conclusions about the potential for expression by means of the aforementioned stylistic device in homilies. Ms. Kusakina’s paper raised a high degree of interest, with questions being asked about the difficulties of understanding religious texts in English.

Apart from the academic session, the conference organizers conducted cultural events, including a daytrip to Navra Castle, the Town Hall (Rathaus), and the College’s viewing platform.

Referring to her time at Tartu University, Ms. Kusakina said: “I have a lot of bright impressions from the trip. I was able to get to know a lot of interesting people from different countries and Russian cities. Taking part in the conference has made me want to do academic work in the future. I will be very glad to apply again next year and would recommend the conference to other Saint Tikhon’s students.”

(photograph: with Christoph Eichhorn, German ambassador to Estonia)

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