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Masters students participate in Baltiyskaya Mrezha Forum
From April 28 to May 4, 2017, Professor Svetlana Divnogortseva and Masters students from the Faculty of Teacher Training (Pedagogy) took part in the “Baltiyskaua Mrezha 2017” international academic forum.

From April 28-29, 2017, the first “Baltiyskaua Mrezha 2017” International Forum began its work in Vilnius, Lithuania. It was organized by the Institute for Orthodox Education with support from the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University and Saint Tikhon’s Orthodox University of the Humanities. The event brought together leaders of diocesan services, academics, students, and teachers from the Baltic countries, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Croatia for several discussions on problems in religious education and upbringing. A plenary session, seminars, roundtables, and special teacher training courses all formed a part of the forum’s program.

Among other things, the conference included a paper by the Head of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Methodology of Primary-school Education of Saint Tikhon’s University, Dr. Svetlana Divnogortseva. It was dedicated to current problems in religious education. The program also comprised papers by Master’s students such as Elena Titova, Sandra Isakova, Alena Chicherina, and Ksenia Masharova, who are currently on the program of studies “Pedagogy and Methods of Primary School Education, Spiritual and Moral Development, and Upbringing of School Pupils”. Papers by budding researchers included those dedicated to the teaching of the Law of God (Zakon Bozhiy, i.e basic moral and religious education) in Russia on the eve of the 1917 Revolution, and also to hagiographical literature and means of using it as a part of the learning process. On behalf of Metropolitan Innocent of Vilnius and Lithuania, The Very Rev. Archpriest Sergiy Neyfach, Director of the diocesan department for religious education and catechization and of the Institute of Orthodox Religious Education, ceremonially bestowed Dr. Divnogortseva with a church award “for her ministry as a teacher”.

Participation by teachers and, now, students of the Faculty of Pedagogy in academic events in the Baltic region has already become a university tradition. The week spent in a circle of Russian academics, in constant contact, communication, and inquiry served as a stimulus for further creative projects by Masters students and their supervisors. The warm meetings and lively dialogue also gave rise to an atmosphere of Easter joy.

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