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Professor Evandro Agazzi: Works of art possess a truth of their own distinct from science
On May 15, 2017, a lecture on How Science and Art Interpret the World was given by the well-known Italian professor Evandro Agazzi in the main building of Saint Tikhons Orthodox University of the Humanities (Lihov Lane, Moscow). The event was attended by Vladimir Shmelyov, the Universitys Deputy Rector for Innovation, Olga Strada, head of the Italian Cultural Institute in Moscow, as well as visitors, students, and teachers of Saint Tikhons University.

In his opening remarks Mr. Shmelyov voiced his gratitude to Prof. Agazzi for giving the lecture. This building has already been host to a lot of interesting educational and cultural events. But today is the first time that we are gathered here together with our friends from the Italian Cultural Institute. Our university has been collaborating with Italian organizations for many years. We are very pleased about this and expect to further develop and widen this collaboration, he emphasized.

Next, Olga Strada, director of the Italian Cultural Institute, thanked the organizers of the event and commented that the choice of title for the lecture was not accidental. The thing is that, not long ago, the modern art Bienniale opened in Venice. As far as I can see, this event is closely connected with the philosophical interpretation of art, Ms. Strada remarked. And indeed, at times it is very difficult to understand what is behind the artists vision. Art is no less closely connected with new technology, including science.

In his address to the audience, Prof. Agazzi remarked that, as thanks to the discoveries of Galileo and Newton, the modern era has been characterized by the emergence of the study of natural sciences. The prevailing view nowadays is that true knowledge of the world can be attained only through the application of these sciences, since their main goal is objectivity.

On the contrary, according to Prof. Agazzi, the world of literature and art has always been regarded as manifesting personal experiences, which reach their peak in the creation of beautiful things. All works of art possess a truth of their own, distinct from reasoning and scientific theories, Prof. Agazzi explained to the audience.

Evandro Agazzi is one of the leading epistemologists and philosophers of science of our time. He is a professor of the Universities of Genoa, the Higher School of Pisa, the Catholic University of Milan, and the University of Fribourg. He is the author of more than 60 books as well as over 700 articles and essays. He is a member of numerous Academies, including the Russian Academy of Sciences. Many of his works have been published not only in Italian, but also in translation in various languages of the world.

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