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Three-minute theses
On May 20, 2017, the main building of Saint Tikhons Orthodox University of the Humanities played host to the third annual Three-minute Thesis student contest. The participants included teachers and students from various Moscow universities.
The first such contest was held in 2015 as a university-wide academic event for Saint Tikhons University students. The format of the contest was conceived so that students from different faculties could listen to interesting presentations by their peers. The form of the international contest Three-minute Thesis was adapted to this end.

The point of the competition is not to give an account of ones thesis as a part of a formal procedure as in a viva voice exam, but rather to give a sense of the main points of ones research, and at the same time to arouse the interest of audience members who lack specialist knowledge, was how Eugene Lyutko, a member of the Universitys Center for Historical Scholarship. It is difficult to assess such a presentation according to the faculty of reason alone or according to strict criteria. You either like it or you dont, its either appetizing or unappetizing. The task of the jury in delivering an objective verdict was thus not at all easy.

The contest winners were:

1st place: Eugene Yeroshev (Doctoral Candidate, Faculty of Theology), The Hexaemeron as a Prophecy of Christ

2nd place: Polina Cherakaeva (Masters Student, Faculty of Ancient and Modern Languages), Gospel Motifs in the Old English Poem Crist.

3rd place: Ivan Myzdrikov (Bachelor, Faculty of Theology), Fantastical Searches for God. Mr. Myzdrikov was also awarded the prize for audience favorite.

Recordings of the presentations are available for public consumption on You Tube, on the channel of the Center for Historical Scholarship.

This year, for the very first time, a student from the Moscow State University for International Relations (MGIMO) took part in the competition. Eugenia Nikitina came in fifth with her presentation on The Image of Russia in the Television Programs of the Japanese Company NHK.

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