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Russian-language courses begun at Saint Tikhons University

October 1, 2017 marked the beginning of instruction in Russian as a Foreign Language (RFL) as organized by the Department of International Relations at Saint Tikhons University. This year, students from Italy and Japan registered to take part in these two-month-long courses.

The students from Italy came to Moscow as part of an exchange between Saint Tikhons University and the Catholic University of Milan. They will be studying in the Universitys Department of Foreign Languages (Philological Faculty) for one semester. 

Course-based lessons on the grammar of spoken Russian will be taught by Anna Valentinovna Chernysheva, senior teacher of the Russian Department of Moscow State University (MSU). She has been collaborating with Saint Tikhons University for several years now. My main goal is to impart to students the ability to speak Russian colloquially, Ms. Chernysheva said. They have been studying the language for two or three hours per week in their home countries, and now that they are studying Russian in Russia, their level will go up more rapidly. Foreigners find it harder to learn Russian than European or even Eastern languages, since it is so different.

Alessandra Belloni is a student in Milan. I made the decision to study Russian because I am interested in your culture and history, Alessandra explained. I read the novel Anna Karenina and liked it a lot. Afterwards, I continued to be interested in Russian literature. I read Tolstoys novel War and Peace, and Dostoevskys Crime and Punishment and The Brothers Karamazov in Italian, and came to the realization that I wanted to find out more about your culture and in order to do this I would have to read more Russian literature in the original. Asked how she had found out about Saint Tikhons, Alessandra replied that she had heard about it from friends who had told her a lot about Russia and the University.

Kacho Osaki has been studying Russian in Japan at the University of Tokyo. I read Leo Tolstoys Confessions and wanted to learn Russian, Kacho said in slightly Japanese-accented Russian. She found out about Saint Tikhons University through its Gazette, which her Russian teacher at the University of Tokyo gave her to read. I read Saint Tikhons Universitys Gazette in Russian. Then I read Father Georgiy Orehanovs book about Lev Tolstoy. When I found out that he is a teacher at Saint Tikhons University, I took a firm decision to go study there, Ms. Osaki stated.

After completing the course, students receive certificates stating their achieved level of Russian. 

The Russian courses are designed for foreign students. They are practical in nature and focused on developing communication skills. Both theoretical and practical lessons are conducted exclusively in Russian. All sorts of activities are used in the lessons: listening comprehension, reading, writing, and speaking. Special attention is paid to communication in practice, the analysis of typical situations in communication, and comparison of grammar in spoken and written language.

* * *

Course length: Two months

Required level: Intermediate

Cost: 35,000 Roubles

Course location: Saint Tikhons University (6 Lihov Lane, Moscow; closest Metro station: Tsvetnoi Bulvar)

Those interested can register for the course via the following e-mail address: 

More detailed information can be found on the page:

kak-inostrannyj.html (Russian-language site)

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