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Saint Tikhons professors attend Readings for the Feast of the Protection of the Mother of God in Brussels

From November 1-4, 2017, the third annual Readings for the Feast of the Protection of the Mother of God (Pokrov Readings) took place in Brussels, Belgium. They were attended by Dr. Natalia Yurevna Suhova and the Very Rev. Georgy Orehanov of Saint Tikhons University.

The Readings are an international conference that brings together researchers in various areas of Russian church history. They were attended this year by researchers from Belgium, Russia, the United States, Latvia, Germany, and Belarus.

This year, the first volume of conference proceedings was presented, including papers given at the first two conferences (2015 and 2016), at which Saint Tikhons University teachers were also present.

This years Readings were attended by famous experts in history: Professor Sergei Lvovitch Firsov (Saint Petersburg), Professor Mihail Vitalievitch Shkarovsky (Saint Petersburg), Professor Scott Kenworthy (University of Miami, Florida, United States), and the art historian and priest Fr. Alexander Bertasch (Bremen, Germany), and others.

Representing Saint Tikhons University, Fr. Georgy Orehanov gave a presentation dedicated to the centenary of the publication of De profundis (Iz glubiny), an anthology of essays on the Russian Revolution. His presentation was on the methodology of how to study and make sense of the concept of a religious crisis. For nothing less than a crisis in the spiritual realm whose consequences were analyzed by the speaker was one of the main causes of the destructive Revolution of 1917.

Dr. Natalia Suhovas paper was on the graduates of the Russian theological academies who took part in the All-Russian Local Synod of 1917-1918. The author of the presentation focussed in on the work of Russian academic theologians and their views on the timely questions that were discussed over the course of the Councils meetings.

Originally published on November 6, 1917

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