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Сведения об образовательной организации Во исполнение постановления Правительства РФ № 582 от 10 июля 2013 года, Приказа Федеральной службы по надзору в сфере образования и науки от 29 мая 2014 г. № 785

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Faculty presentation at Higher School of Economics

From November 23-24, 2017, the Department of Foreign Languages at the Higher School of Economics (HSE) held its Third International Academic Conference on “Cross-Cultural Communication Strategies in the Modern World: Culture, Education, and Policy”. Alexander Mankov (Saint Tikhon’s University, HSE) gave a paper on “The Dialect of Gammalsvenskby: A Sociolinguistic Outline”.

In his paper, he examined the sociolinguistic situation in the village of Gammalsvenskby (Staroschwedskoe/Alt-Schwedendorf) in Kherson Province, Ukraine, where the sole Scandinavian dialect in the whole of the former USSR is still spoken. The sociolinguistic characterization of the dialect that he gave in the paper was based on guidelines given by the UNESCO Ad Hoc Expert Group on Endangered Languages (‘Document Adopted by the International Expert Meeting on the UNESCO Programme for Safeguarding Endangered Languages’, UNESCO Ad Hoc Expert Group on Endangered Languages. Language Vitality and Endangerment, 2003).

In these guidelines, it is suggested that languages be documented with reference to nine criteria; for most of these criteria there is a five-point scale used to rate them, ranging from the best situation to the worst. The dialect of Gammalsvenskby was characterized according to each criterium. The report also included an attempt to define the current sociolinguistic situation in the village.

Originally published on November 26, 2017

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