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Saint Tikhon’s University 28th Annual Theological Conference
Saint Tikhon’s Orthodox University of the Humanities has published the program of events for the 28th Annual Theological Conference, which will be taking place in January-February 2018.

The first Theological Conference was conducted from May 25-27, 1992, under the name “Readings in Memory of Archpriest Vsevolod Spiller (1902-1984)”; Spiller was a well-known Moscow clergyman and theologian. In 1993, the Readings were conducted twice, in the summer and the winter. After this there came about a tradition of holding the theological conference each year in late January or early February.

The theological conference brought together the creative efforts of theologians, professors, and researchers from theological institutes of the Russian Orthodox Church and other Orthodox Churches, as well as many figures from the humanities, researchers from the institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences, universities, museums, archives, libraries, and experts in Church art. For many researchers, the Annual Theological Conference is a place where they can regularly meet experts working in areas scholarship related to the church.

In subsequent years the number of participants in the Theological Conferences constantly went up. Speakers and guests now come each year from many cities in Russia, Belarus, the Ukraine, Georgia, the Baltic states, Poland, Great Britain, France, America, Germany, Norway, and Switzerland.

More informayion (ru): 28th Annual Theological Conference

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