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International Cooking Contest

On May 6, 2018, the first ever international cooking contest was held in the Main Building of Saint Tikhon’s Orthodox University of the Humanities. Approximately 100 people took part in a series of culinary and creative contests, including students from Saint Tikhon’s University, visitors from other regions of Russia, and foreign students of other Moscow universities from Armenia, Italy, China and, Japan.

During the competition, six teams presented national recipes from Russia, Dagestan, Armenia, Greece, France, and Japan. The competitors displayed dishes and performed creative numbers that gave a sense of the distinctive features of these countries’ cultures. In the prize category for “Best Cooking”, first place went to the Armenian team, some of whose members had come from the Armenian Union of Russia.

“In choosing the winner, we considered three criteria: the external appearance, quality, and taste of the dishes”, jury member Stella Avanesova reported. “In the second prize category, ‘Best Performance’, the criteria were costumes, the quality of the performance, and the ability to capture the audience’s interest.”

The Greek team were the winners of this second prize. The competitors delivered a masterful performance of the Greek syrtaki dance, and then conducted a masterclass for all those who were interested.

A student from China performed several famous English songs, and a Saint Tikhon’s student sung in French.

To put it in the words of Father Georgy Orehanov, the Deputy Rector of Saint Tikhon’s University for International Relations, the international cooking competition took place on the day of Saint George the Great-martyr, an ancient saint who is venerated in many countries all over the world. “He binds different peoples together in a spirit of love, friendship, joy, and peace – all those things we are so often lacking today. This event itself took place under such auspices, which cannot but be a cause for rejoicing. I can say for myself, as one of the organizers of the event, that none of us expected such a degree of professionalism from the competitors. The students did everything themselves, and their manner of preparation says a lot about their excellent level of achievement and great potential.”

The cooking contest is to become an annual event organized by Saint Tikhon’s University.

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