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Archpriest Georgy Orehanov Gives Talk in Hamburg on Russian Revolution and Emperor Nicholas II
On May 20, 2018, the Russian Centre at Tchaikovsky House in Hamburg, Germany hosted a talk by The Very Rev. Archpriest Dr Georgy Orehanov, a professor at Saint Tikhon’s University and its Deputy Rector for International Relations. It was titled “The Russian Revolution and the Figure of Emperor Nicholas II”.
To borrow Fr Georgy’s words, the conversation was about the figure of the last Russian Emperor and Passion-bearer, the 150th anniversary of whose birth was on May 19 of this year. “On top of this, this summer will mark 100 years since one of the most tragic events of the 20th century, the ruthless assassination of the Emperor and his family members in Ekaterinburg. The gathering in Hamburg was designed to help work out the details of Emperor’s personal fate and of difficult episodes in the internal and external affairs of Russia, such as the question of peasant liberation, World War I, oppositional movements and, of course, the February Revolution of 1917”, Fr Georgy emphasized.
During the talk, the audience in Hamburg learnt interesting facts about this complicated and contradictory time period, as well as about the life of the last Russian Emperor.

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