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Department Head Adriana Voronova Presents at International Conferences
On 28-29 May 2018, the Head of the Department of History and Theory of Christian Art at Saint Tikhons Orthodox University of the Humanities, Dr Adriana Alexandra Voronova, took part in an academic conference on Questions on the General History of Architecture. The researcher also gave a paper on at the 17th International Conference of Byzantinists on Niš and Byzantium from 3-5 June.

Each year during the celebrations for the Feast of the Emperor Constantine and Empress Helena, the city of Niš, together with the University of Niš and the Diocese of Niš, organizes an international academic conference of Byzantinologists entitled Niš and Byzantium, which took place for the seventeenth time from 3-5 June 2018 in the main hall of the University of Niš.

This year the theme of the conference was the Restoration of Byzantium in the Balkans in 1018.  Dr Voronova gave a paper in Serbian entitled, j 1018. XI (The Rise of Byzantium in 1018 and 11thc. Russian Architecture).
The academic symposium gathers together leading researchers with the aim of introducing the European academic world to the significance of Niš for the whole of Christendom. The purpose of the conference organizers is to make a contribution to all-round research into the early Christian, Byzantine, and post-Byzantine past of Niš, as well as its influence on the subsequent spiritual, cultural, and artistic development of Niš, the Balkans, and Europe. Such an aim requires an interdisciplinary approach and the involvement of art historians, historians, architects, archaeologists, Classicists, theologians, and philosophers. For more information, see:

Articles based on the papers presented at the conference are published in a yearly anthology. The presentation of the past years conference proceedings took place during the opening events of this years conference. The anthology included an article by Dr Voronova in Serbian on Russo-Byzantine Style in the Architecture of Early 20th-century Moscow and the Restoration of the Moscow Eparchy House, dedicated to the monumental building of Saint Tihkons University in Lihov Lane, Moscow.

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