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Canadian Professor Gives Presentation at Final Medieval Studies Seminar
On 9 June 2018, Professor Natalia Khomenko gave a lecture at the medieval studies seminar of the Department of Romance Languages on Saint Mary of Egypt and Texts as Vestiges of Contact in the South English Legendary Anthology of Saints Lives. An Adjunct Professor at the University of York, she was invited to visit Saint Tikhons University in the context of the project on Genesis of Literary Texts in the Late Mediaeval and Early Modern Era: Interaction of Styles and Genres, which is supported by Saint Tikhons Universitys Endowment Fund.

The paper examined one of the versions of the life of Saint Mary of Egypt, which was written in Middle English and made up a part of the South English Legendary collection of saints lives, which was in wide use in the late middle ages. In comparing it with other versions of the Life of Saint Mary of Egypt written earlier or around the same time, Natalia Khomenko traced how some peculiarities of the Middle English version were responding to the needs and aims of this particular anthology and its intended audience.

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