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Saint Tikhon’s Researcher Takes Part in Balamand Theological Conference

From 7-9 June 2018, Petr Mihailov, a teacher from the Faculty of Theology at Saint Tihkon’s University, took part in the 6th Theological Conference of the International Association of Orthodox Dogmatic Theologians, held at the Theological Institute of Saint John of Damascus at the University of Balamand of the Patriarchate of Antioch in Lebanon.

Over twenty specialists and professors of theology in the areas of systematic theology, historical dogmatics, and Patristics from Romania, Greece, France, Bulgaria, Lebanon, and Russia took part in the conference proceedings.

The International Association of Orthodox Dogmatic Theologians was founded in 2007. The theme of the 2018 forum, “The Eschatological Vision in Orthodox Theology”, was selected and adopted at the previous conference, which the Association organized in autumn 2016 in Karaiman Monastery, Romania.

The field in question was examined from many angles on the basis of a vast base of evidence from both ancient Christian sources and contemporary explorations of this area. The well-established idea was stated that the entirety of the Christian consciousness, which finds its expression in theology, is imbued with an eschatological ethos. Amongst the wide range of eschatological concepts brought forward in the theology of various confessions over the last 100 years, one of the most characteristic for Orthodox theology is the notion of “inaugurated eschatology” (eschatologie inaugurée), which was subsequently expressed in, amongst other places, the writings of Archpriest Georges Florovsky.

The conference materials will be published over the course of the coming year. On the basis of the work of the conference, it was decided that the subject of the next session in 2020 would be “Man as the Image of God: Fundamentals of Orthodox Anthropology”.

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