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STOUH Researcher Dr. Aleander Mankov Gives Presentation in Iceland

Alexander Evgenievich Mankov, Senior Research Fellow at the Academic and Administrative Centre of Saint Tikhon´s Orthodox University of the Humanities  (STOUH), who is also a research fellow of the Department of Swedish of Gothenburg University, Sweden,  took part in the 11th Nordic Dialectologists Conference, which convened in Reykjavik, Iceland, from 22-20 August 2018.

The topic of Dr. Mankov´s paper, which was delivered in Swedish, was: “Adjective Morphology in the Dialect of Gammalsvenskby [Staroschvedskoe/Alt-Schwedendorf]” (original: Adjektivets morfologi i Gammalsvenskbydialekten).

The village was founded in Kherson Province in 1782 by refugees from Dagö Island (now called Hiiumaa in Estonian). Their native language was the dialect of Dagö, which was substantially different from the language of the Swedish mainland. This dialect is preserved to this day by a small group of native speakers in the village. The current state of this dialect had never been studied until Dr. Mankov began his research, and so the bulk of the work at present involves issuing academic materials on the grammar of the dialect and publishing a dictionary.

The sole source of factual information that was represented in the paper was the author´s own field work in the village. The paper gave an overview of the grammatical categories of adjectives in the dialect and analyzed their inflection, who differs significantly from that of standard Swedish. The description of the system of adjectival declension was compiled practically “from the ground up”, given that there had been no work done on the grammar of the dialect in its current form, including on nominal morphology.

In Reykjavik, from 23-35 August, there was also a conference on “Endangered Languages and the Land: Mapping the Landscapes of Multilingualism”. It was organized by the Vigdís Finnbogadóttir Institute of Foreign Languages and the Foundation for Endangered Languages. The conference was opened by the former President of Iceland, Ms. Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, who is the UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Linguistic Diversity, as well as by the First Lady of Iceland, Eliza Reid. Dr. Mankov gave a presentation entitled “Scandinavian-Slavic Linguistic Contact in the Case of Staroschvedskoe Village”. Here, too, interviews with native speakers of the dialect recorded by the author provided the factual material for the talk.

Research into the dialect is being carried out with support from STOUH´s Endowment Fund. It must also be noted that students from STOUH´s Faculty of Philology also took part in the project from 2017-2018. The results of their work included both publications in peer-reviewed journals and presentations at the Institute of Linguistics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Russian State University of the Humanities, and Moscow State University.

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