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“An Era in Miniature: The Legacy of Antiquity in Renaissance Manuscripts”
From September 24-28, 2018, with support from the Italian UBI Banca Group, an interactive exhibition entitled “An Era in Miniature: The Legacy of Antiquity in Renaissance Manuscripts”, was held in the Rumyantsev Reading Room in the Department of Manuscripts at the Russian State Library (RSL) and in the Main Building of Saint Tikhon´s Orthodox University of the Humanities.
The exhibition was held as a part of the “An Era in Miniature” Festival of Renaissance Culture.

The formal opening ceremony of the festival took place in Pashkov House, which is a part of the RSL. The opening address was given by the First Secretary of the Italian Embassy in Moscow, Mr. Walter Ferrara, and the head of UBI´s Moscow office, Mr. Ferdinando Pelazzo. Among the guests was also Ms. Olga Strada, director of the Italian Cultural Institute.
“This is a fundamentally new exhibition, in that modern digital technology has enabled us to display manuscripts from the collections of the Russian State Library alongside treasures from the collection of the Biblioteca Ambrosiana,” noted Natalia Samoilenko, Deputy General Director for Public Relations and Exhibitions at the RSL.
At the exhibition, scans were displayed from illuminated manuscript books from the holdings of the Biblioteca Ambrosiana that date to the era of the Italian Renaissance, as well as very rare manuscripts from the 15th-16th centuries from the RSL´s Department of Manuscripts. Among them were the Satires of Junius Juvenalis and Persius Flaccus (Rome, ca. 1500), the Cataline Conspiracy of Gaius Sallustius Cripsus (or Sallust) (Italy, Venice, late 15th century), and the “Raven, or the Labyrinth of Love” by Giovanni Boccaccio (Bologna, 15th century). The peculiarities of the manuscripts´ composition give a conception of the art of Renaissance books and its antique precursors.
“The ecclesiastical and academic library [of the Biblioteca Ambrosiana] was created in 1609. Its founder, Cardinal Federico Borromeo, had been assembling a collection of manuscripts and books in all the languages of the world,” explained Monsignor Francesco Braschi, Doctor of the Biblioteca Ambrosiana. “He was convinced that one must study and research the books of other cultures for the sake of one´s own development and self-awareness. Our collection now includes over 40,000 manuscripts, drawings by European artists of the 14th-19th centuries, and other valuable cultural artifacts.”

During the festival, concerts of ancient music, public lectures, and an international academic conference on “The Legacy of Antiquity in the Manuscript Books of Byzantium and Western Europe” were held in the Main Building of Saint Tikhon´s Orthodox University of the Humanities.
The conclusion of the festival was marked by a formal closing ceremony in the University´s Conciliar Chamber, as well as a concert of Italian Renaissance music performed by the “Cuori cantati” group, led by Alexander Gulin.

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