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Conference on History and Theory of Christian Art
Saint Tikhon´s University has hosted the Third Inter-University Student Conference on the History and Theory of Christian Art.

On October 27, 2018, the Third Inter-University Student Conference on “Christian Art: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow” took place in the Saint Vladimir Hall of the Main Building of Saint Tikhon´s University in Lihov Lane. It was organized by the Faculty of Church Arts of Saint Tikhon´s Orthodox University of the Humanities.

The Conference, which was held in Saint Tikhon´s University for the third time, was originally conceived as a type of academic work experience for second-year Master´s students. Students and the leaders of the program were the principal organizers of the conference.

Presentations were made at the conference by recent graduates of Saint Tihkon´s University, Master´s students from the Moscow Theological Academy, Moscow State University, the Surikov Moscow State Academic Institute of the Arts, the Ilia Glazunov Russian State Academy of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture, the Higher School of Economics (HSE), and Kuban State University.

The conference sessions were filled with debate and interaction amongst young scholars, during which they discussed questions relating to the history of Christian art, of iconography, its stylistics and features, theological issues, the restoration of monuments, as well as the directions in which church art is developing in modern times.
Archpriest Alexander Saltykov, the Dean of the Faculty of Church Arts, was present in the hall, as were other teachers from the Department, whose professional advice and comments were extremely useful for scholars early in their careers. In the break between sessions, the visitors were given a tour of the historic Main Building of the University in Lihov Lane, which was decorated in part by the students and graduates of Saint Tikhon´s University.

The conference enabled young scholars to develop professional connections in addition to sharing the results of their research and gaining practical experience.

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