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Saint Tikhon's Rector Speaks at International Conference
On November 1, 2018, Archpriest Vladimir Vorobyov, the Rector of Saint Tikhon´s Orthodox University of the Humanities, gave a talk at an international symposium on “Theology in the Contemporary Fields of Academia and Education”.

The International Symposium, at which attendees shared their experiences with foreign colleagues from Switzerland, Italy, and Germany, was held with the approval of His Holiness Patriarch Kyrill of Moscow and All Russia. The events was organized jointly with the Saints Cyril and Methodius Theological Institute of Post-graduate Studies and the Educational Association for Academic Theology.

The Very Rev. Archpriest Vladimir Vorobyov, Rector of Saint Tikhon´s Orthodox University of the Humanities, gave a talk on “Theology in the Educational Sphere: History and Contemporary Reality”, in which he gave an account of the particularities of theology as an academic discipline and shed light on the formation of the discipline of theology in Russia. He also brought up fundamental problems, such as the fact that theology remains an innovation in the sphere of education and in society, and that there a problems financing it. He said that a close collaboration between the State and theological associations is required to solve these problems.

Over the course of the session, Russian and international attendees at the conference shared experiences. For example, Professor Barbara Hallensleben (Switzerland) talked about theological education at the Faculty of Theology of the University of Fribourg. Pavol Dancak, head of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies of the Faculty of Theology of the University of Preshov (Slovakia), gave a talk that shed light on theological education in Slovakia and the interaction between theology and philosophy. Archdeacon Ioan Dura of the Church of Romania, a teacher of the Faculty of Theology at Ovidius University, shared his experience of studying theology in Romania under the conditions of a globalized world.

In their talks, other presenters shed light on the experience of theological education in the post-Soviet space, in Italy, and in Egypt, as well as on the experience of studying Muslim and Jewish theology. As the presenters declared, jointly studying the theology of different confessions within one and the same educational institution is not only possible, but also yields excellent results.

The second session of the conference opened with a talk by the Rector of the Saint Cyril and Methodius Institute, Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokalamsk. In his presentation, he made reference to his experience of teaching theology in Germany, which could be put to use to solve current problems in the establishment of theological education in Russia. The Metropolitan identified several reasons why it is necessary for Russian to learn from the experience of Europe, including the internationalism of academic learning and the peculiarities of the development of theology in Russia, which “historically was excluded from the sphere of universities and was left to the theological academies”, whereas in Europe it was “studied without hindrance in universities”. In his talk, Metropolitan Hilarion also addressed individual aspects of Western theological education.

The conference continued as participants from Western and Eastern Europe, as well as the Middle East, shared their experiences and drew conclusions from the discussion.

The work of the conference continued on November 2 at the MEPhI (Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute). At the plenary session, Patriarch Kyrill of Moscow and All Russia gave a talk on “Theology and Values: the Future of Russia”.
Vladimir V. Putin, President of the Russian Federation, sent his greetings to the attendees of the 2nd All-Russian Academic Conference on “Theology in the Contemporary Fields of Academia and Education”.

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