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Saint Tikhon's Faculty Members Attend International Conference on Byzantine Art
From November 7-10, members of Saint Tikhon´s University presented at an international conference on “The Art of the Byzantine World. Individuality in Works of Art.”

The event dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the renowned art historian and Byzantinologist Professor Olga Popova was attended by foreign researchers and art historians from various cities throughout Russia.

Olga Popova was one of the pioneers in the teaching of Byzantine art history at the Faculty of Church Arts of Saint Tikhon´s University, and many current teachers and graduates of the Department of History and Theory of Christian Art have been her students. Several of them were speakers at the conference, including Dr. Adriana Voronova, who spoke on an aspect of the “Byzantinization” of Serbian architecture in the reign of King Milutin (1282-1321); Elena Vinogradova, a teacher in the Department of Art History, who gave a talk on “The Frescoes of Paleomonastiro in Achaea in the Peloponnese”, and Vitaly Suslenkov, whose work focussed on non-classical and anti-classical devices in antique art of the 3rd-4th centuries AD.

In the audience were many teachers and students of Saint Tikhon´s University who are regular attendees of Olga Popova´s informal seminar on Byzantine Art, which takes place at her house.

The conference was also attended by leading Byzantine-studies scholars from Italy, Greece, Serbia, the Lebanon, France, the United States, Armenia, and Russia.

Talks were also given by researchers from the Barberini and Corsini Roman National Gallery of Ancient Art, Kapodistrian National University of Athens, Koch University in Istambul, Wolfson College Oxford, Yerevan State University, the University of Udine, Yale University, the Paris Nanterre University, the University of Lebanon, and others.
The final event in the conference programme was a trip to Vladimir and Suzdal, where a discussion was held about the experience of restoring and conserving medieval artworks.

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