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Conference on Emperor Nicholas II at Saint Tikhon's University

From November 14-16, 2018, an international academic conference on “The Monarch and Monarchy: The 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Emperor Nicholas II and the Centenary of the Murder of the Imperial Family”, took place at Saint Tikhon´s Orthodox University of the Humanities (STOUH).

The event was attended by specialists from various Russian universities as well as foreign institutions.

The first day of the conference included a plenary session at which the University´s rector, the Very Rev. Archpriest Vladimir Vorobyov, gave the opening address.

The plenary session and other sessions saw the participation of specialists from Moscow State University (MSU), Russian State University of the Humanities, Moscow State Pedagogical University, the Russian Academy of Sciences, STOUH, and other Russian universities.

The events were also attended by faculty from foreign universities. The plenary session, for instance, was concluded by a talk of Professor Marco Rizzi of the Catholic University of Milan on “´Monarchy´ in the Debate between Erik Peterson and Karl Schmitt: Ancient and Contemporary Political Theory in 1930s Germany”.

The French researcher Paul Mattei, representing the University of Lyon 2, gave a talk on “The Prophet-Bishop: Ambrose as the Conscience of the Empire”.

On the first day of the conference, sessions were held on “Emperor Nicholas II and Russian Society” and “The Image of the Ruler and the Idea of Monarchy in the Early Christian and Medieval Traditions”. Talks were given about the relationship between Church and State in the 4th century, as well as the development of the idea of monarchy and of the relations between church and state authorities in the Latin West in the medieval era.

On the second day of the conference, there took place sessions on “The Russo-Japanese and First World Wars and the Revolutionary Movement in Russia”, “The Image of Monarchy in the Social and Historical Thought in Russia in the 18th-20th Centuries”, and “The Idea of Monarchy in Russian Theology in the 18th-20th Centuries”.

On November 16, 2018, on the third day of the conference´s proceedings, the final sessions on “Emperor Nicholas II and the Russian Orthodox Church” and “Emperor Nicholas II, the 1917 Revolution, and the Via Dolorosa of the Imperial Family: The Road to Canonization”.

It is planned that the attendees talks, as well as other conference materials, will be published in a special collection.

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