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Saint Tikhon's Researcher Gives Talk at International Conference in Minsk
On November 15, a conference took place in the Minsk Theological Academy on “Theological Studies at the Turn of the Third Millennium: Current Problems and Prospects for Development”, at which Priest Alexis Cherny, a faculty member of the Research Center of Saint Tikhon´s Orthodox University of the Humanities (STOUH).

At the conference, talks were given by students and teachers from ecclesiastical and secular educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus and neighboring countries.

It was attended by over 80 people, among them students and faculty members of secular and ecclesiastical institutions of higher education, specialists in the field of theology, philosophers, historians, and religious studies scholars.

The opening address was given by Archimandrite Sergius (Akimov), Dean of the Minsk Theological Academy, who noted the importance of doing away with problems and barriers to the development of contemporary church scholarship.

Priest Alexis Cherny, a STOUH researcher, gave a talk during the plenary conference session.
His talk was on the concept of the “lordly authority” of the priest according to Saint Dimitry of Rostov. The holy bishop´s plea for priests “not to have lordly authority over their spiritual children” was directed, first and foremost, at unprincipled pastors. However, the context in which these words were written, like the positive “message” of the “Instruction to Priests”, is a reflection of considerably more complicated processes, of which the speaker gave an account in his talk.

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