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Saint Tikhon's Students Complete Teacher Training in Italy

From January 21 to February 5, 2019, three first-year students on the Communication in Religious Pedagogical Culture Master´s program at Saint Tikhon´s Orthodox University of the Humanities – Paulina Semenova, Irina Kozhevnikova, and Angelina Kopylova, who are supervised by Dr. Svetlana Iurievna Divnogortseva – completed a teaching internship at Orsoline Sancarlo school in the Italian city of Como. The object of the internship was to hone these students´ skills as teachers and to develop their ability to educate primary-school children from a non-Russian-speaking background, and to work out strategies for planning and carrying out educational activities and programs designed to introduce children to Russian cultural traditions.

Over the course of two weeks, the students attended classes at the school, observed and analyzed the teachers´ work, helped to organize the educational process, and conducted lessons introducing younger school pupils to the geography of Russia by giving them an introduction to its geographical area, flora and fauna, its capital and ethnic traditions. For the youngest pupils at the school, the students held lessons on Russian folktales. The Master´s students also introduced pupils at the school to examples Russian architecture, music, literature, and beaux arts, as well as giving creative master-classes on how to make Russian ethnic toys.

For both the Master´s students, and the schoolchildren and their teachers, the internship yielded a lot of new and interesting experiences. The future teachers got to know other approaches to educating primary-school children, and the pupils and teachers at the school got to know the Russian language, culture, and teaching methods by communicating with native speakers of Russian and bearers of the same culture.

At the end of the internship, a large collective creative event was organize for the whole primary school, where the children were given the chance to demonstrate the things they had learnt. An exhibition of the children´s artwork from the lessons and master-classes was arranged. There was also a screening of a film about the nature of Russia and a quiz about the material from the lessons. The children performed Russian dances and played Russian folk games.

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