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Сведения об образовательной организации Во исполнение постановления Правительства РФ № 582 от 10 июля 2013 года, Приказа Федеральной службы по надзору в сфере образования и науки от 29 мая 2014 г. № 785

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Saint Tikhon’s University Journal Included in Scopus Database

The Saint Tikhon’s Unversity Gazette, Volume 1: Theology, Philosophy, and Religious Studies, has successfully undergone assessment to be included in Scopus, the extensive database of academic citations created by the company Elsevier, by its Content Selection & Advisory Board.

The incorporation of the Gazette’s first volume into the Scopus database has already been recognized by the Russian Academic Citations index: (in Russian).

The précis of the editorial committee reads as follows:

“The Journal is dedicated to research on theology, philosophy, and religious studies, a comparatively new field for research in contemporary Russia. Its clear and well-considered editorial policy is to be commended.

“The publication was created by a religious organization. In selecting and publishing materials, the journal consistently keeps to strict academic standards. While focused on researching Christian subject matter, it nonetheless remains open to studying other religious traditions.

“The quality of the articles published in it is high; the authors of these articles take into account the contemporary status of international research into their subject areas. This is combined with a scrupulous examination of specific sources and discussions of a much broader range of topics in contemporary theology and philosophy of religion. A significant proportion of each issue focused on reviews of relevant newly published academic literature within the journal’s area of specialization.

“The English-language abstracts in articles meet the standards for quality of English. In general, the articles in the journal are well written and comprehensible. Their contents are consistent with the journal’s subject area and aims. The journal often publishes materials that have been inadequately represented in other publications. The editorial policy is clearly noted and is supported by internal policies adopted by the journal. The publication has clear goals and a clear editorial policy, which help to determine the content of the materials published.”

Those wishing to submit to the journal can find further information here: (in Russian). The publication procedure and the registration requirements for submissions can be found at and, respectively.

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