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Guest Lecturers from Spain Visit Faculty of Education

On March 4, 2019, a series of guest lecturers by Spanish educators took place at the Faculty of Education of Saint Tikhon´s Orthodox University of the Humanities (STOUH). Ángel Mel Ortega, General Director of Kolbe International School (Colegio Internacional Kolbe) delivered a lecture to students on the teaching of religion in the Spanish educational system. Clara Fontana Abad, Academic Director of Kolbe International School, presented on the school, talked about its history, its mission, and particular aspects of the teaching and disciplinary methods in the school.

The history of the relationship between the school and STOUH began in spring 2017, when Master´s students from the Faculty of Education, who were studying on the “Communication in Religious Educational Culture” course (supervisor: Dr. Svetlana Divnogortseva) spent some time in Spain on a school work placement, thanks to the active efforts of Maria Isabel Sebastián, a teacher of modern languages from Almería.

The staff members and teachers of this incredible school together with their families were happy to host the students from STOUH in their own homes. We were given a tour of the school, heard lectures about the Spanish educational system, and were allowed to sit in on lessons and extracurricular activities. Friendships were formed, and since then two directors of the school have already come to visit us.

The Faculty´s newly admitted Master´s students found it exceptionally interesting to learn about the legal basis and guidelines for religious education in Spain, about who has the right to teach this subject, which textbooks are used, how subject knowledge is assessed, and many other things.

The guests were asked many penetrating questions, which shows how relevant experience of religious education in other countries is for educators in Russia. The history of the school in Kolbe aroused no less interest. It was conceived by a group of Christian friends and took shape over the course of 5 years, during which time the organizers constantly met, discussed their plans for the creation of the school, its building, its structure, their views on the content of the curriculum and on discipline. Such an experience of teamwork, where the school was organized not as the original idea of one person, but rather as the common effort of a group of friends and associates, was extremely interesting for STOUH students and gave them food for thought about how one might go about setting up such an educational project collectively with other like-minded people.

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