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“The harvest is great, but the laborers are few”: Problems of Collaboration Between Priests and Laity in Contemporary Russia

The publishing house of Saint Tikhon´s Orthodox University of the Humanities (STOUH) recently released a book by Archpriest Nikolai Emelyanov, Deputy Rector of Saint Tikhon´s Orthodox Theological Institute and faculty member of the Laboratory on the Sociology of Religion. The book is called “´The harvest is great, but the laborers are few´: Problems of Collaboration Between Priests and Laity in Contemporary Russia”.

On the University´s InPress channel, a 5-minute video has already been uploaded describing the field on which the research is based.

The book introduces an original method based on the superposition of two different approaches to the study of religion: as worship (religious demand) and engagement (religious supply) – in this case, the engagement of priests with the laity (the faithful). A model of religious interaction is constructed that allows one to give an accurate empirical assessment of religious “supply” in contemporary Russia, especially with respect to the Russian Orthodox Church. The theoretical model has been validated in the basis of quantitative empirical research titled “50 Confessions in Moscow Parishes” and a wide range of results from fieldwork conducted between 2003 and 2017 by the Laboratory for the Sociology of Religion at STOUH. The results of the research give cause for doubt concerning the thesis of continuing secularization of Russia and, on the whole, enable one to consider the religious situation in Russia in a new light. The publication is well-supplied with diagram and charts and numerous appendices. The book is addressed to experts in religious studies, church-state relations, and church administration, and to a wide audience interested in the interaction between contemporary culture and religion and the role of the Russian Orthodox Church in contemporary Russia.

Keywords: Russian Orthodox Church, priest, pastoral theology, religiosity, religious interactions, clergy and laity, clergy and faithful, economic theory of religion, sociology of religion, empirical study of religion in Russia

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